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Some FAQs about restoring and renovating wooden floors

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a dull and damaged lounge floor before treatment

a lounge floor after treatment

a gloomy hallway before treatment

a bright hallway after treatment

Some commonly asked questions

Q. My husband wants us to do the job ourselves. We’ve not done this before but were confident we can make a good job of it. What are the reasons why we shouldn’t?
A. We’ve come across numerous flooring disasters that we’ve had to correct. Machines ploughing through patio doors, burst radiator pipes! and un-even sanding, to name a few.
The process of renovating a floor is a specialist craft that requires an in-depth, working knowledge of the many factors involved in ensuring that the best finish is achieved. If you haven’t done this before you run the risk of ruining the floor or harming yourself.

Q. Is there much dust?
A. As you would expect, if you sand a floor dust will be created. However the machines we use have an internal vacuum that retains 99% of the dust created, which gathers in a bag attached to the machine.

Q. How noisy is it?
A. The noise generated by the powerful electric motor sounds like a big vacuum cleaner. We usually isolate the noise by closing the door.

Q. We’re decorating at the moment. When should we book you in?
A. Sanding the floor should be left until last. After the plumber has put the boards back, the painters have gone, and you’re almost done! When we're finished, close the door and enjoy.

Q. Will the floor look brand new?
A. We can only work with what were given. If your house is a 17th century cottage and your floors are original, the chances are they’ve seen a considerable amount of traffic, and should be allowed to age gracefully. Equally, if your house is an early 20th century terraced house you will more than likely have grubby floorboards hiding under your carpet. These usually look fantastic after they’ve been treated. If you have a modern apartment with a two year old floor, the chances are you’ll remember what it looked like when you moved in or had it laid. You will be reminded of the brilliance of your first encounter with it when we’ve finished.

Q. We have two big dogs that have left their mark on our floor, deep scarring, stains and a bad odour. We’ve tried cleaning our parquet floor but still the smell persists and the scars look awful. Will sanding the floor solve this embarrassing problem?
A. Sanding the floor back we effectively remove dirt and odours, the scarring caused by excited pets, high heels or heavy furniture for that matter will also disappear as we sand away the problem.

Q. Are your varnishes oil based?
A. We use Polyurethane waterbased sealant. These products have now become the industry standard for treating wooden floors for reasons that include: low odour, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-yellowing, quick drying and hardwearing.

Q. Why choose Just Floorboards?
A. We specialise in the renovation of solid wooden floors and that’s it. You might come across a ‘handy man’ who will give it a go, or you might want to try it yourself. We strongly recommend that you choose us. We have fifteen years of experience. We’ve already made the mistakes so that you don’t have to, and we bring our in-depth knowledge with us to every project.

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